Cereal Leaf Beetle Activity in Clinton Area

Leanne Freitag (of Cargill) informed me this afternoon of some cereal leaf beetle activity in the Clinton area.  Adults and eggs were easily found recently and larvae are expected to be feeding soon.  Given that the wheat is already near or in the boot stage, it is very important to protect the flag leaf from feeding damage.

Cereal leaf beetle larva and feeding scar

Both adults and larvae make long tracks or feeding scars running parallel with the leaf veins.  In heavily damaged fields, the crop appears silver from a distance.  Stay ahead of the damage by scouting fields every 5 days.  Examine 20 plants in five locations across the field.  It is important to scout many areas of the field, as CLB tends to be unevenly distributed across the field.

For control products, click here.  Pay attention to pre-harvest intervals as products may need to be switched as you approach harvest.