Some insect activity out there, but not much happening yet

Thanks to Nick Zwambag for commenting on here that they are seeing cabbage seedpod weevil activity in winter canola near thamesville earlier this week.  But with this weather, little can be done about it and fortunately the cool temps should slow them down a bit.   Scout once this front goes through and see what infestations are like then.

Bean leaf beetles are not quite yet.  We’ve been sweeping in alfalfa fields and have not captured any.  We tend to see them emerging around this time so I expect if things warm up a bit, they will be making their way into alfalfa or newly emerging soybeans (if the soys escaped the frost).

These storms are also apt to be carrying in black cutworm and true armyworm moths.  States just to the south of us are reporting black cutworm flights and feeding activity.  Fields that had a decent weed mat this spring should be scouted.  There have been fewer armyworm reports but given the advanced wheat crop, those fields are going to look mighty appealing to the mother moths flying by.

And finally, Ohio is still reporting quite a lot of cereal leaf beetle activity, though I haven’t heard or found any yet here.  I do recommend that once this rain passes, we get out and look for armyworm and cereal leaf beetles.  This heavy moisture might be good for initiating entomopathogens but it needs to be a bit warmer for the fungus to get established.

Let’s hope we see the sunshine soon!