WBC Trap Supply Pick Up Days Next Week

Attention WBC Trap Participants – Pick up your trap supplies next week

Supply pick up dates have been set for next week.   Those who have contacted us and agreed to monitor WBC traps this year can pick up their supplies at the following locations.

Please bring a cooler with you or plan to go home shortly after picking up your supplies so that the pheromone lures can be placed back in the freezer.  Leaving them in a warm vehicle for the day will prematurely age the lures and make them less effective.

If you still have milk jugs from last year that you can re-use as traps this year, please let us know.  Someone will also be available at these pick up locations to answer any questions you may have.
Should you have any questions before these pick up days, please contact Sue or myself at wbctrapnetwork@gmail.com

EloraElora OMAFRA Office

6484 Wellington Rd. 7 Unit 1
Elora, ON N0B 1S0
Phone: (519) 846-0941

Tuesday May 2511am-3pm
StratfordStratford OMAFRA Office
581 Huron Street
Stratford, ON N5A 5T8
(519) 271-0280
Wednesday, May 2610am-12:30pm
WoodstockWoodstock OMAFRA Office

Unit 1 – 401 Lakeview Drive

Woodstock, ON N4T 1W2

Phone: (519) 537-6621

Wednesday May 261:30pm – 4pm

Agronomy Building, Ridgetown Campus

OMAFRA Boardroom

Phone: (519) 674-1690

Thursday May 279:30am-3:30pm