Armyworm Alert – SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT

I have heard reports now from a few different locations of both wheat heads being clipped and leaf feeding taking place in corn in southwestern Ontario.  This is a good sign that true armyworm is present.

Both wheat and corn fields need to be scouted to determine if armyworm is present.  Here is an article from last year’s CropPest Newsletter that explains thresholds and management strategies.  Pay attention to the days to harvest intervals for wheat products!

I don’t have a good grasp yet as to how widespread this issue is.  What are you seeing?  I know you guys are out there looking too so please send in your comments!

One thought on “Armyworm Alert – SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT

  1. Tracey,

    I have had two customers so far that have noticed armyworm clippings in wheat. Told them to watch neighbouring corn fields. As to my gathering, levels are not reaching threshold yet.
    Also with the price of wheat, it is tough to get a grower to spray. Let me know what you think.

    Dan Vanek

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