More WBC Moths Captured

There have been 5 western bean cutworm moths found in traps so far in Ontario.  All have been in the southwestern part of the province.  First two were caught on June 14th!  To put things into perpective, last year it took until July 12th to catch a total of 5 moths in the province so activity is much earlier this year.

Maps for our first week of trapping can be viewed on the WBC Trap Network Website

Next week I will give you details on how to scout for egg masses and larval activity this summer.  We are also on the hunt for egg masses for research being done here at Ridgetown so I will be pleading to you all for help in finding those for us.

One thought on “More WBC Moths Captured

  1. big jump this week to 12 moths so I am sure we have eggs coming unless I caught them all

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