DO NOT Spray Field Based on Trap Counts!

I have heard of grower who is going to spray his corn next week because there have been a lot of WBC moths flying around.  This is not an acceptable practice.  Trap counts do not necessarily reflect what is going on in the field.  It simply tells us when to expect peak egg laying.  Scouting is the only true method to determine if these moths flying around have actually laid eggs in your field.  Case in point….Blyth has had an history of catching the most moths in the province over the past two years and yet very little damage was found in that area compared to other fields in other counties.

Thresholds are not only there to ensure that you are spending your money wisely when it is truly necessary to protect your crop from a pest but it also reduces the risk of apply insecticides when they are not needed.  I understand that time is precious but so is the environment.  Scout for eggs and make sure the pest is actually present in your own field.