WBC Infosheets and Maps

I realize that I am bombarding you guys with WBC blog entries but we are entering a critical time for scouting and WBC management.  I don’t want to find out that you couldn’t find all of the information you needed to effectively monitor and determine if you needed to control this pest.

Here are some key resources to use (besides my blog) over the next few weeks:

Infosheet for WBC Managment in Corn

Infosheet for WBC Management in Dry Beans

Current Trap Count Maps

One thought on “WBC Infosheets and Maps

  1. While reviewing scouting proceedures, I came across the Bug Blog. Just thought I would share the fact that Tracey took time out of her very busy schedule, recently, to lecture 2nd year students at UoG, on soybean insects. The informative update of recent developments in the bug world was very much appreciated by the class. I highly recommend attending any presentations where Tracey is the guest speaker. Thanks Tracey, Karen Robinson, 2nd Yr student UoG.

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