Fall Armyworm Could Threaten Mixed Forages and Other Crops

An “unprecidented” fall armyworm moth flight catch in Kentucky gives us early warning to a potential threat here.  The University of Kentucky is reporting the highest catches recorded in the last 15 years.  What does that mean for us?  If weather fronts or leftovers of a hurricane pass over Kentucky and push towards us, they could bring these masses of moths here too.  In fact it is quite common for us to see pests make their way up here shortly after an infestation alert comes out from Kentucky.

Most at risk at this time of year would be mixed forages where both grass and alfalfa could be defoliated by the caterpillars.  Very late planted corn or very early planted wheat could also be somewhat at risk.  These crops should be monitored for any FAW feeding activity.  If you find an infestation, please contact me.  Fall armyworm has already been found in some corn ears at low levels but these are from past moth flights and not at levels of concern yet.   We are more concerned with the outcome of these larger anticipated masses of migrant moths expected to arrive from Kentucky.