Soybean Aphids Barely Here but Watch Out for Spidermites

It hasn’t been since 2002 that we have experienced this low of levels of soybean aphids.  Cross my fingers and knock on wood but I think we are going to get through the season without a problem.

That said, spidermites are starting to pop up in fields, particularly where it is starting to get a bit dry.  Scout perimeters and keep an eye out for plants and leaves that are bronzing or look sandblasted.  It is too easy to miss the mites and suffer a serious yield loss because of it.  Even the aphids don’t like to live on the mite infested plants!

2 thoughts on “Soybean Aphids Barely Here but Watch Out for Spidermites

  1. I’m seeing low levels of spider mites at Strathmere in spots on the perimeter of the field. Generally the same spots whenever the field is in soys.

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