Call for 2011 Western Bean Cutworm Trap Participants

Anyone interested in participating in this year’s WBC Trap Network in Ontario is asked to contact us so that we can make sure that we have you on our list.  If you have replied to an email from us already this month about trapping, then that is great.  We’ve got you on the list already and will be sending more details shortly.

We will provide participants with a milk jug trap (if you don’t already have one in good shape from previous years) and pheremone lures.  We will also provide everyone with log in information to be able enter their weekly trap data online or if preferred, provide a form to fill out and send back to us via fax or email each week.

To sign up to the WBC trap network, please contact us at:


Phone: 519-674-1500 X 63257

Hope we start to see some spring like weather again!