Black Cutworm and Armyworm – Get Out and Scout!

Lots of reports are coming in of black cutworm and armyworm damage in Ontario.

Black cutworm has been found feeding in numerous corn fields and even an alfalfa field.  Locations that I know of so far include fields near: Parkhill, Watford, Embro (alfalfa field), Renfrew County, and parts of West Elgin.

True armyworm has also been found feeding at threshold levels in corn and wheat.  The corn field was near Little Britain (SW of Lindsay) and the wheat field was near Kerwood.

Larvae have been in a range of sizes.  If they are smaller than an inch the foliar insecticides will still work on them.  If the majority are bigger than that, then it is too late to do anything.

For Black cutworm Biology, ID and Thresholds: For Management Options:

For True armyworm Biology, ID and Thresholds: For Management Options in Corn: and in Cereals:

Many of the reports coming in have been through twitter.  Reps have been doing great at informing followers and sending pics of what they are seeing.  If you are not on twitter yet, I suggest you give it a try.  You’d be amazed at the flurry of tweets taking place regarding these pests!

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  1. We are finding lots of Cut Worm in the Port Burwell area in Sweet Corn fields, going to start treating today.

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