Coragen Insecticide Also Registered for WBC in Corn

I have been negligent in not mentioning the newest insecticide to be registered for WBC control in corn.  I have no excuse except that I been conveying product information through links to Publication 812, Field Crop Protection Guide and the product didn’t get registered for WBC control in time to make the printing deadline.  So it is going to get a special blog entry to make up for it.

Coragen Insecticide is now registered for WBC control in corn.  The active ingredient is chlorantraniliprole.  Rate would be 101-151 mL/acre or 250-375 mL/ha.  Use a minimum of 100 L/ha of water. 12 hr re-entry period.   Follow all label precautions which can be found the Coragen_en_2011.

Great to have more products to tackle this new pest.