Introducing Web-based Refuge Selector Tool

Co-Author: Cara McCreary, and Jocelyn Smith, University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus

The Canadian Corn Refuge Hybrid Selector is a web-based tool that has been developed through collaboration of the Canadian Corn Pest Coalition, the Ontario Corn Committee, and the Canadian Seed Trade Association to provide all the information needed to follow up-to-date insect resistance management (IRM) requirements for all currently available Bt corn hybrids in Ontario.

Refuge Selector

Simply select the Bt hybrid or trait being planted and the field size and the Refuge Selector will provide a list of eligible refuge hybrids, the refuge size, placement and treatment options along with herbicide tolerance information.  The Refuge Selector can be accessed through the Canadian Corn Pest Coalition website or through  It’s an excellent tool to help you place your 2012 seed order.