Canola Report: Week of April 16th, 2012

Planting is 40% complete in the west-central region of Ontario. Early April seeded canola is 10-50% emerged. Cold temperatures with sub-zero nights has slowed emergence and delayed seeding.Soil conditions have been excellent for field work although windy and dry weather is resulting in rapid drying of soils.  If soils are dry and loose, level and pack as part of tillage operations and seed soon after tillage. Risk of fertilizer injury is higher under dry soil conditions. Nitrogen placed with seed should not exceed 10-15 lb/ac, and no potash should be seed placed. Do not delay planting of canola because of cold air temperatures.  Canola seed germinates at 20 C and seedlings which have been subjected to several days of cold temperatures will harden-off and can tolerate frost.

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