Cereal Report: Week of April 16th, 2012

Winter cereals responded immediately to warmer temperatures and showers over the weekend, regaining good green colour and growth. A few isolated acres in frost prone areas have been killed by frost (a first in my 27 years). Significant varietal differences in frost injury. Whether this will translate into yield differences remains to be seen.

Advanced wheat is at GS 32 (second node). Disease pressure is nil with dry, cold conditions. Early fungicide timing on these crops will be end of April.  This is well ahead (2 weeks) of normal.  Later crops remain at GS 30. Annual weeds have emerged and good control will be possible with the early fungicide application.

Spring cereal stands look excellent! A few reports of spotty stands where soils were dried out from tillage and seed was not planted deep enough.  Early stands are at the 3 leaf stage.  Herbicides should be applied as soon as weeds emerge and temperatures allow.

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