Corn Report: Week of April 16th, 2012

Depending on the area, 5-30% of the corn crop has been planted.  Soil conditions have been very good. Cool temperatures (especially at night) in the last week have slowed the emergence process. If drying trends continue growers are advised to be cautious with secondary tillage that is too aggressive (too deep, too many passes) and causes excessive drying.  Yields decline when crop uniformity declines. Planter performance is critical (correct depth, good seed/soil contact) to ensure that early planted corn emerges and develops as uniformly as possible. Planting deeper than 2.25” to find moisture in cold soils in mid to late April has resulted in poor stands in the past; consider waiting for rain or switch to fields where the moisture profile is better and allows for shallower planting. The early planting window has caused some growers to switch to longer season hybrids.

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