Canola Report: May 16, 2012

Early planted canola is at 1-2 leaf and later April planted canola is cotyledon to 1 leaf stage. Heavy rains in several areas resulted in crusting and emergence issues. Flea beetle pressure is high in some areas. Populations are highest in field borders. Scout emerged canola for flea beetles up to 4 leaf stage. Threshold for control is 25% leaf feeding. Timing for flea beetle control may precede weed control. Critical weed control period is 1-4 leaf stage but schedule weed control at early stages. Take time to clean spray tanks thoroughly before applying post-emergent herbicide, canola is quite sensitive to many products.

Examples of canola sensitivity to herbicide residues in the spray tank:

Canola sensitivity to mesotrione (Trade Name: Callisto) photo by: Mike Cowbrough


Canola injury from metribuzin (Trade Name: Sencor) Photo by: Mike Cowbrough