Cereal Report: May 9, 2012

Winter wheat is advancing rapidly with warmer temperatures. The window for herbicide applications is closing as fields reach flag leaf stage. Flag leaf herbicide applications run a high risk of crop injury. If weeds are a harvest issue, pre-harvest glyphosate is the best option on advanced fields. Early wheat at Harrow is just beginning to head (GS 50).  The crop is 1-2 weeks ahead of normal development.  Cool night temperatures through stem elongation will result in a shorter crop, which should help reduce lodging problems.  Disease pressure remains low, with powdery mildew beginning to ramp up in lush fields and susceptible varieties.  Timing is excellent for the first fungicide spray, if two applications are planned.

Spring cereals have jumped over the last week, with early fields well into tillering (GS 23-25).  Weed control is becoming critical for maximum yield.  Disease pressure remains very low.