Corn Report: May 2, 2012

Corn planting is 20-90% complete depending on the area of the province; provincially planting is estimated at 65%. Some of the early (i.e. April 5-15) planted corn had emerged and the cold temperatures of April 27, 28 & 29 froze the above ground tissue. However, to date, growing point and seed integrity remains high in the early planted corn. Although many areas received some light rain over the past week producers need to remain conscious of soil moisture conservation, avoiding excessive tillage and packing or rolling where possible. A planting time or early post-planting nitrogen recommendation for 2012 based on the Ontario N Calculator: loam soil, 3000 CHUs, previous crop winter wheat (straw removed) UAN at $400/t and an expected corn price of $4.75/bushel is 143 lbs N/acre (161 kg N/ha). Visit for N recommendations.