Corn Report: May 9, 2012

Corn planting ranges from 50 to 95% complete; provincially corn planting is estimated at 80%.  In most areas rainfall has not been intense and soils remain in good shape despite large acreages without significant residue cover.  Corn requires about 180 CHU to emerge.  Corn planted April 16-20 is emerging this week.  Most reports suggest that emergence and seedling vigour are good; earlier planted corn that had tissue damage from cold temperatures is recovering.

Nitrogen application using UAN (28%) will cause some corn leaf burn, but impact on yield is usually negligible.  General guidelines for post-emerge UAN application: 1) UAN (fan nozzle) and herbicide– max. 2 leaf corn, 2) UAN (fan nozzle) no herbicide – max. 3 leaf corn. However, it is important to contact the herbicide manufacturer to access whether or not they are supportive of post emergence UAN applications with their herbicide.