Cereal Report – May 30, 2012

Winter Cereals continue their rapid development pace. Most fusarium fungicides will have been applied by June 3.  There will be some harvest in June.  Shortest varieties are those that showed the most freeze injury earlier, indicating that the injury had impact.  Straw is becoming increasingly sought after, with prices in the countryside reaching unprecedented levels.  Armyworm has been found above threshold (5 larvae (less than 2 cm in length)/ft2 ) in a number of locations from Niagara Falls to Exeter.  Cereal leaf beetles are reported above threshold (1 beetle/stem) in the Clinton area. Scout! Spray immediately if threshold is reached.  Scout spring cereals also for aphids and cereal leaf beetle as these insects can move from winter cereals. See www.bit.ly/OMAFRACLB for more information.

Spring Cereals in advanced fields are heading (unbelievable!).  Oat fungicides must be applied immediately to prevent yield loss from crown rust. Disease levels in other fields are variable based on local environmental conditions, but generally are at low levels.