Forage Report – July 25, 2012

Dry weather has significantly reduced forage regrowth and second-cut yields.  Many farmers are examining options to increase their forage inventories, including using corn damaged by dry weather for silage.

Seeding oats in late-July or early-August following wheat for an early-October harvest can be a useful low-cost option for extending forage supplies. Oats can make good feed when harvested at the correct stage of maturity and made into “oatlage” or baleage. Peas can be added where higher forage quality is required.The challenges can sometimes be lack of adequate moisture in August for germination and growth, and having dry enough weather in October for adequate wilting.

Potato leafhopper pressure is still high in many areas with considerable damage being done to new seedings and newer regrowth. Scout these fields and be prepared to spray.