Soybean Report – July 11, 2012

Soybean growth has been slow in those areas that missed the rains.  Fields are now at the R2 (full flower) growth stage.  Those areas that received adequate moisture are progressing well and are entering R3 (beginning pod).  Soybeans flower over an extended period of time so areas that have been negatively impacted from the lack of moisture can still “catch up”.  Significant yield losses do not generally occur unless moisture stress continues into the R4 (full pod) growth stage.  The majority of soybean yield is set during the last week of July and during the month of August.  Growing conditions during that time have much more impact on yield than growing conditions during the early stages of plant.  At this time of year yellow patches of stunted plants can sometimes be seen in fields with disease or pest issues.  Take the time to diagnose the issue so that the correct management strategy can be employed.  Soybean cyst nematode damage is more evident that usual this year.