Synopsis: Most nitrogen has now been applied to wheat. Many abandoned plans for split application.  Corn planting ranges from 10% – 50% complete.  Availability of rental fertilizer spreaders, custom application and accessing of UAN are creating bottlenecks.  Growers are beginning to use packers/rollers due to dry soil conditions.

Cereals:  Much of the winter wheat is now in the first node stage, with very little disease present. the majority of the crop insurance claims for Western Ontario were in north Huron and Bruce county area and were often related to  water damage. There have been a few reports of chafer damage and winter kill in Simcoe County area.  Chickweed is in full flower and it is now late for achieving good control.

Corn:  Supply of some varieties particularly early maturity hybrids may be tight.

Bees Death Reports:  Subsequent to the meeting,  three instances of bee deaths have been reported.  An excellent resource of information can be found at  Syngenta has produced an excellent slide deck on best management practices that is located as a link on right hand side of website.   If there are any incidences of affected bee hives this year please contact

Linda McIntosh Regional Manager Pesticide Compliance Program – Health Canada 255 Woodlawn Rd W, Unit 109 Guelph ON, N1H 8J1 Phone: 519-826-2895


  • The greatest number of alfalfa winter survival damage claims are in the Ottawa area.
  • Agricorp has sent  growers an Authorization customer contact form for Agricorp to exchange and discuss program information with specific individuals including any family member not already associated with that Agricorp Id.
  • In replant situations where the grower is changing crops, that crop needs have been designated in election form or have been previously grown to qualify for insurance on the crop being planted.
  • some early maturity varieties of soybeans are in tight supply due to low germination.

Crop Insurance deadlines:

  • June 15: Last day to report unseeded acreage
  • June 30: Spring seeded final acreage reports due.
  • July 10: Premiums


Palmerston OMAF & MRA Contacts

Brian Hall, Stratford, email: Phone: 519-271-0083
Ian McDonald, Guelph, email: Phone: 519-824-4120 ext 5-6707

Next Meeting

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013, 7:30 am
Agricoach [Felix Weber], Palmerston
# 5929 Road 178, 1st road west of Palmerston on highway # 23

Thanks to Brad Garlough, Syngenta for providing refreshments for this week’s meeting.