Western Bean Cutworm Traps for 2015

There is clearly a renewed interest in trapping for Western bean cutworm (WBC) in 2015.  This is understandable, given that WBC caught us off guard in 2014 with ear damage being reported across much of Ontario, beyond our typical hot spot areas.

Sign up to the Ontario WBC Trap Network:  We will be mapping trap captures again this year.  Those interested in monitoring traps this year and sending in their data are asked to contact us via email at wbctrapnetwork@gmail.com.

Trap Supplies: We are still waiting to hear about news as to whether we have funding to cover the costs of supplies for trap participants.  But for those who are willing and able to fund their own supplies, I have put together a Western Bean Cutworm Trap Supply List and Suppliers. There may be other companies that carry these supplies.  I have just listed the companies we have used in the past.