I often carry 5 or 6 scouting and management guides with me when walking fields to determining what pests are present and how to control them, if necessary. I find lugging these books around inconvenient and inefficient, especially when I leave the book I need in another vehicle or at home.

The pest manager app was designed to provide decision makers with all the information that they need for weed, insect and disease management in Ontario field crops. From identification, to mapping and then to control methods.

The app can be downloaded here and I’ve provided some tutorials on the ID and mapping components of the app as well as searching for management options.

Comments and feedback can be sent to mike.cowbrough@ontario.ca



Here are some quick facts about the app and frequently asked questions.



Q: Where can I download the app?

A: The app is available for download for iOS, Android  and BB10 phones by going to www.pestmanager.ca


Q: Will this app be provided in french.

A: Yes


Q: Why are you only focusing on pesticide control information?

A: We’re not only focusing on pesticides, any effective control method will be added to the app. For insect and diseases, there is a lot of integrated pest management information. There is also a feature to filter control options if you are an organic farmer.


Q: How come you don’t have every weed that is found in Ontario?

A: I have chosen to only add weeds that either negatively affect agricultural production or where management information exists.