Developing an Agricultural Soil Health and Conservation Strategy for Ontario

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) is developing an Agricultural Soil Health and Conservation Strategy. Specifically, OMAFRA is seeking feedback on a Discussion Document that outlines a draft vision, goals and objectives for the strategy.

Healthy agricultural soils are essential in order to ensure ongoing productivity and competitiveness in Ontario’s agri-food sector as well as food security for the province and the world. Both security of food supply and nutritional quality of foods can, in part, be influenced by soil health.

Soil health, climate change, water quality and food security are all linked together. These issues all reflect our need to evolve toward a sustainable and low-carbon economy. The soil strategy will support agricultural soil management practices that provide economic, environmental and social benefits to Ontario.

A Soil Strategy Discussion Paper has been posted on Ontario’s Environmental Registry and engagement sessions will be held through the fall and winter 2016. The final Provincial Soil Strategy is expected to be released in late 2017.

Comment Period: 90 days: submissions may be made between August 29, 2016 and November 27, 2016. Read more.

Additional engagement opportunities will occur when a draft Agricultural Soil Health and Conservation Strategy is available for public comment.