Big Weeds = Big Deal ! Situational with Sikkema

annual weed control with glyphosate (360 g/L) at 1.5 L/ac applied to 20 cm (8") tall weeds

This is part of a short series focusing on weed management in field corn.  In Part 1 – “Big Weeds = Big Deal” we look at what happens when Mother Nature delays our herbicide application.  Data collected by Peter Sikkema will show the possible repercussions of delayed application and the effect of weed size on corn yield.













We will be exploring this subject further in our next two posts.  Please stay tuned for more from “Situational with Sikkema”.

Thanks to Grain Farmers of Ontario for their support of this research and our research program.

Post prepared for Peter Sikkema by Todd Cowan. CCA-ON, Huron Research Station/University of Guelph