Dealing with Escapes – What will they cost you?

In “Going for the Set up”, we looked at a number of pre-emergence set up options in corn and discussed reasons to consider going with a set up program.  Today we look at a  situation where you have made the decision to go with the set up program but are noticing some late emerging weeds.  We will discuss what those weeds could cost you and what dealing with those weeds could afford you.

Late weeds 1

Late weeds 2

Late weeds 3

Late weeds 4

Late weeds 5

Late weeds 6

Late weeds 7

Weed escapes after the 6-leaf stage of corn, most likely, will not cost you any yield.  If this were the only consideration the decision whether or not to make a post-emergence application to control those weeds would be easier.  However, as we have discussed, there are other considerations.  Your decision can affect weed management in subsequent crop years.  A post-emergence application can be a tool in controlling tough perennial weeds, for herbicide resistance management and for knocking down heavy weed populations.

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Thanks to Grain Farmers of Ontario for their support of this research and our research program.

Post prepared for Peter Sikkema by Todd Cowan, CCA-ON, Huron Research Station/University of Guelph