Western Bean Cutworm Resources for 2018

The WBC trapping season is about to begin.  For those anxious to put up WBC traps this year, the WBC Trap Network is almost ready for you to set up your sites at: https://www.cornpest.ca/wbc-trap-network/    An email to past trap participants will be going out early next week.  For those who have not entered trap sites before but are interested doing it this year, feel free to email us at wbctrapnetwork@gmail.com

Information on where to get trap supplies, how to trap and set up trap sites on the network is available at the WBC Trap Network website.  I am also providing links to many of the resources we have updated this year, in case followers of Field Crop News are interested.

WBC Resources for 2018:


2018 WBC Infosheet for Corn

2018 WBC Resistance Management Guidelines for Corn

How to Set up a Trap for WBC in Field Corn


2018 WBC Guidelines for Dry Bean Growers

2018 WBC Infosheet for Dry Beans

How to Set up a Trap for WBC in Dry Beans

Of course, follow me on Twitter to get in season information and feel free to use the hashtag #wbcutworm when you are finding WBC.

Happy Scouting