Unit 10: CaseIH 8250 Combine Dualed IF580/85 R42

Plot Comments

  • This unit is a good example of a combine set up. 
  • The IF and VF tires are allowing for a much lower tire pressure than one might normally expect on a combine.
  • Overall the small footprint of these tires may mean that the stress is not as small as one would expect with a low tire pressure.
  • The stress on the left rear (E10_LRear_3) is roughly the same as the front dual tire. 
  • The right rear tire (E10_RRear_3) appears to be much lower. This could be explained by the relatively large spacing between the lugs on this tire. The tire lugs were not sinking into the soil during this event and therefor the weight was being carried by the lugs. The measured soil pressure would have been higher if the sensor was directly below the lug on the tire.