Unit 26: JD 9420R Tractor w Dual IF 710/70R42 vs LSW 1100/45R46 Single

Plot Comments

  • This unit compared dual tires to a Low Sidewall (LSW) tire.
  • The plots label with tue and Tuesday did not have the LSW tire installed and only compares duals and singles.
  • In that case the duals reduced the load on the soil compared to the single tire
  • The plots label “Wed” show that the Duals and the LSW tire were similar in soil response.
  • The final plots show the same machine tested at location 4. The low response on these plots is due to the low tire pressure and load and the dryer profile at location 4. This was after a lot of compaction was created on location 4. This shows the reduction in response at the 6 inch sensor as it is suspected it had become compacted with all of the other vehicles.