Unit E6: John Deere 7230R + Unverferth 7200 Grain Buggy with 30.5L-32 vs 900/60 R32

Plot Comments

  • This unit compares two common tires for a grain cart a 30.5L-32 bias tire and a much wider 900/60 R 32 radial. The bias tire is associated with the plots titled E6_L_1 and E6_L_2. The bias tire had a higher inflation pressure with approximately the same load.
  • Plots named E6_L_1 and E6_R_1 had some issues hitting the sensor in both attempts. We later found out that this installation was misaligned.
  • The plots E6_L_2 and E6_R_2 show that the bias ply tire had a slightly higher soil pressure response.
  • There is a slight advantage to the radial tire for lowering soil stress but note that the load is very large and benefits from larger volume tires or wider tires may not be as prominent as they would be with a lighter load or more axles.