Are your current crop management practices resulting in phosphorus loss?

Phosphorus is an essential element for plant and animal growth and is necessary to maintain profitable crop and livestock production.

Balancing your crop’s fertility needs is complex.  Let AgriSuite help you make decisions.

The Phosphorus Loss Assessment tool for Ontario (PLATO) is new to AgriSuite.  The PLATO calculator helps determine the risk of field scale phosphorus loss as it relates to site specific characteristics and management practices. An overview of this tool can be found at

or a more in-depth step-by-step guide to using PLATO can be found at

AgriSuite is an interactive online collection of management tools and calculators, developed by OMAFRA that you can access from your desktop or mobile device. AgriSuite assists you with key crop fertilization management decisions and how they relate to optimizing crop production while protecting
the environment.

Phosphorus is an important plant nutrient for crop production, but it can also contribute to environmental problems when it ends up in rivers, lakes and streams.

Work with PLATO to improve phosphorus management
How phosphorus is applied, how much is applied, when it’s applied and whether it’s sourced from fertilizer or organic amendments like manure, are all decisions you make when fertilizing a crop. Use PLATO for all, or just one, of your fields to compare results of various management decisions on phosphorus availability to your crops and the risk of phosphorus loss from the field.  PLATO will help you manage phosphorus better because it factors in:
• soil erosion
• soil test level
• phosphorus application amounts, and
• timing of application

Other AgriSuite calculators that can help with your crop fertility needs are:

  • the crop nutrient calculator to determine crop needs and nutrient removal
  • the organic amendment calculator to estimate available nutrients from manure
  • the fertilizer calculator to determine rates and blends of inorganic fertilizer
  • the Field Management Calculator which incorporates the individual tools to allow nutrient balancing for individual crops or crop rotations

When used in conjunction the AgriSuite calculators provide valuable farm/field planning and record-keeping information.

This project was funded in part through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (the Partnership), a federalprovincial-territorial initiative.