2021 Ontario Virtual Crop Diagnostic Days



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    The 2020 Ontario Virtual Crop Diagnostic Days was a huge success and builds on the long tradition the annual Field Crop Diagnostic Days held at Ridgetown, Elora and Winchester established just in a different format. Our success would not be possible without our participants, sponsors, speakers and all the volunteers involved! A BIG THANKS from all of us! The 2020 Episodes are still available for viewing here.

    COVID-19 has created many unique challenges and the safety of all those involved is of utmost concern. Although the summer in-field Ridgetown, Elora and Winchester events have been cancelled again this year, the organizing committees have decided to combine Southwest (Ridgetown), Elora and Eastern Ontario (Winchester) Crop Diagnostic Days into a provincial diagnostic video series for a second season with the support of our sponsors.

    The 2021 Ontario Virtual Diagnostic Days will consist of a  1-hour episode  every two weeks starting Tuesday July 20 through October 26, 2021. Each episode will consist of a general field crop agronomic theme with various topics which are current and relevant to farmers, crop consultants, retailers basically anyone involved in agriculture!

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    This series is being brought to you by the partnership of the event organizing committee and OMAFRA, University of Guelph, OSCIA. The organizing committee thanks the following sponsors for their contribution to the series:

    • Grain Farmers of Ontario
    • Agris Co-op
    • BASF
    • Bayer/Dekalb
    • Corteva/Pioneer
    • Great Lakes Grain FS
    • Maizex Seeds
    • Mosaic
    • Pride Seeds
    • Syngenta

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    Historically, in-person diagnostic days have provided some of the best opportunities for Certified Crop Advisors (CCA) to acquire a broad range of Continuing Education Units (CEU).Certified Crop Advisors will be able to collect 8 CEUs by registering for the event. CEU registration is a requirement and is open until December 1, 2021. A CEU code will be provided at end of each episode.

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    For Certified Crop Advisors: Register here!

  • Registration Fees for CEU Credits:
    • $113 (includes HST) for 8 CEU credits. A receipt/confirmation email will be provided
    • Registration and CEU credits open till December 1, 2020.
    • Farmers, media and those not requesting CEU credits for the event DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER!

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LIVESTREAM occurs at 10 am for Episodes 1 (July 20 Launch), 3 (August 17) and 8 (October 26)

Episode Topic Area and Speakers
Episode 1 (LIVE) — July 20, 2021 @ 10 AM EST

Series Launch – Weed Management PROS with Dr. Peter Sikkema (UG) and Mike Cowbrough (OMAFRA)

Episode 2 — August 3, 2021 @ 10 AM EST Cover Crops with Anne Verhallen/Jake Munroe (OMAFRA) and Greg Cruickshank (Grandriver Bean Inc.),

Moisture Testing for Baling Hay with Christine O’Reilly (OMAFRA) and Fritz Trauttsmandorff (Hay Coop),

Wheat Management with Jonna Follings (OMAFRA), Russ Barker (Pioneer) and Peter Johnson (RealAgriculture)

Episode 3 (LIVE) — August 17, 2021 @ 10 AM EST

Insect/Disease Management with Tracey Baute (OMAFRA) and Albert Tenuta (OMAFRA)

Episode 4 — August 31, 2021 @ 10 AM EST Agronomy Hot Topics

  1. Soybean Planting Depth Review 2021 – Horst Bohner OMAFRA and Greg Stopps Pioneer/Corteva
    2. Glyphosate Resistant Fleabane Control – Peter Sikemma, UG
    3. Soybean Fertilization and Nodulation – Horst Bohner OMAFRA, Aaron Stevanus Mosiac, Matt Rundel Syngenta
    4. Causes and Avoidance of Bleaching Injury in Corn – Mike Cowbrough OMAFRA
    5. Planting Soybeans Before Corn – Dave Hooker UG and Horst Bohner OMAFRA
Episode 5— September 14, 2021 @ 10 AM EST Soil Health, Water and Nutrient Management and More!

  1. Long Term Cover Crops Research Findings – Laura Van Eerd, UG and Anne Verhallen, OMAFRA
  2. Soil Compaction Learnings from the Soil Pit – Jim Warren and Alex Barrie, OMAFRA
  3. Soybean Nutrient Deficiencies – Aaron Stevanus, MOSIAC and Horst Bohner, OMAFRA
  4. Update on In Field DIY Hay Moisture Testing – Christine O’Reilly, OMAFRA
  5. Findings from the Top Soil Project – Jim Warren and Daniel Saurette, OMAFRA
Episode 6 — September 21, 2021 @ 10 AM EST Crop Production Snippets!

  1. Soil and Root Diagnosis for Improving Soil Health – Sebastian Belliard, OMAFRA and Paul Sullivan, Crop Consultant
  2. Getting the Most Out of Spray Applications in Dry Beans – Meghan Moran and Jason Deveau, OMAFRA
  3. Residue Management Research in Strip Till Systems – Ben Rosser, OMAFRA and Chad Anderson, Crop Consultant
  4. Soybean Plant Stands and Determining Replant Need – Horst Bohner, OMAFRA and Greg Stopps, Pioneer
  5. Robots in Crop Production – Ian McDonald, OMAFRA and Chuck Baresich, Haggerty Creek Ltd.
Episode 7 — October 12, 2021 @ 10 AM EST Managing Plant Disease and Crop Fertility

  1. Cereal Fungicides – Joanna Follings, OMAFRA and Peter Johnson, RealAg
  2. Tar Spot in Corn – Albert Tenuta, OMAFRA
  3.  Soybean Staging and Fertility – Matt Rundle, NK Seeds and Horst Bohner, OMAFRA
  4.  Corn Fertility Late Season – Ben Rosser and Duncan Willemse, OMAFRA
  5.  Lodging Wheat and PGR’s – Joanna Follings, OMAFRA and Peter Johnson, RealAg
  6. Pros and Cons of Double Crop Soybeans  – Dave Hooker, UG and Horst Bohner, OMAFRA
Episode 8(LIVE) October 26, 2021 @ 10 AM EST Ontario Virtual Diagnostic Days 2021 Series Wrap Up

LIVE Session Recorded with Shaun Haney of Real Agriculture

  1. Agronomy Tidbits 2021 and Tips for 2022 – Dave Hooker, UG
  2. Weed Resistant Thoughts and Strategies – Francois Tardif, UG

Thank you for your support and please be safe!

Regional Coordinators

Albert Tenuta, OMAFRA, SWCDD

Ian McDonald, OMAFRA, ECDD

Sebastian Belliard, OMAFRA, EOCDD

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