Canola & Coffee Speaker Series

Five canola specialists from outside the province were invited to join Ontario producers and agronomists and share their canola expertise in a series of online meetings held from February 9 to March 9, 2022.Those meetings were recorded and the videos are posted below.

Each meeting starts with a presentation by the guest speaker (approx. 30 minutes), followed by questions and answers and some open discussion. The original intent was for each meeting to include a discussion of the challenges in specific canola growing regions of Ontario, but for the most part the group just continued discussing the topics shared by the guest speaker.

The links below will take you to the videos posted on YouTube. If you would like contact info for any of these speakers, send a request to

Managing Fertilizer in Spring Canola (1h 15m) – John Heard, Soil Fertility Specialist, Manitoba Ag

Clubroot: The Realities of Farming with Clubroot in your Region – Clint Jurke, Agronomy Director, Canola Council of Canada

Insects: When to Expect them and How to Manage Them – Keith Gabert, Agronomist, Canola Council of Canada

Seeding Canola: A focus on Equipment, Clay Soils, and Short Seeding Windows – Dane Froese, Oilseed Specialist, Manitoba Ag

Winter Canola: Fertility and other Agronomics – Albin Gunnarson, Swedish Oilseed Rape Growers & Alex Zelem, C&M Seeds