How to Enter Trap Sites and Data into the 2022 CRW Trap Network

As corn approached VT stage, it is the ideal time to start putting up the corn rootworm sticky traps. We are asking everyone participating this year to monitor and change traps weekly, on approximately 7 day intervals, so that we can properly calculate the # of beetles per trap per day. It will also help us notice when adult peak activity has occurred.

All of the important links and information for the CRW Trap Network are in this article: 2022 CRW Trap Network

Note: The CRW Trap network has changed this year. It is no longer in a Survey 123 field app link. It is instead, a web based application, where you can enter the trap sites and weekly data directly and also see the interactive real-time maps and dashboard through the trapping season.

Here is a demonstration video on how to enter trap sites, field information and weekly counts into the network from your browser: