Canadian Bt Corn Trait Tables for 2023

The Canadian Bt Corn Trait Tables have been updated for March 2023. These tables include all registered Bt Corn Trait Packages and indicates which Bt proteins and herbicide tolerant traits they contain and pests they target. These tables also include known resistance status for each pest and Bt protein.

English:  Canadian Bt Corn Trait Table for March 2023

French:  Maïs Bt disponibles au Canada (mars 2023)

For each trait package, we indicate the number of Bt proteins providing protection against each pest. Zeros indicate that the trait package does not target that pest. If there is a range of numbers provided, for example, 0-2, this indicates that there might be one or more proteins that are no longer effective or has reduced effectiveness for the pest listed.  To reduce the risk of resistance, select hybrids that contain more than one protein against your primary pest concern.

Growers should avoid repeated use of any management tool including Bt corn hybrids that targets the same pest each year to reduce the risk of resistance. Implement recommended best management practices by rotating management tools, and utilizing tools like crop rotation to a non-host crop. Scout and report any injury found by pests that should be controlled by the Bt hybrid being used. If injury has been found, contact your seed agronomist, provincial entomologist and/or Tracey Baute, OMAFRA, Chair of the Canadian Corn Pest Coalition.

For information on which hybrids or products have obtained EU approval, visit the Canadian Seed Trade Association’s corn hybrid database at:

Pour plus d’informations sur les hybrides ou produits ayant obtenus l’approbation de l’Union Européenne, visitez la base de données de la Canadian Seed Trade Association’s corn hybrid à l’adresse

More information on resistance management can be found at the Canadian Corn Pest Coalition and Manage Resistance Now websites.

Any edits or questions can be sent to Tracey Baute, OMAFRA and Chair of the Canadian Corn Pest Coalition.