2023 Thames Valley Soil and Crop Projects

Directors in the Thames Valley Soil and Crop Region (Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford) have lead an effort to produce larger, more consistent datasets for the on-farm soil and crop projects that are conducted locally each year. One part of this effort has been to post protocols for easier access and research consistency.

Table 1 lists projects that have been, or are ongoing in the Thames Valley Region. If you are interested in any of these projects, please select the project name to view protocols. A project list and folder with all protocols is also available HERE.

Table 1. Thames Valley Soil and Crop Projects

ProjectYear StartCategoryCrop
Sulfur on Corn, Soybeans and Wheat2018Fertility – SCorn, Soybeans, Wheat
60 Inch Corn Rows2020Crop Management – Row WidthCorn
Boron on Corn, Soybeans and Wheat2020Fertility – BCorn, Soybeans, Wheat
Starter on Soybeans2020Fertility – StarterSoybeans
Tile Spacing2020Crop Management – DrainageAll grain crops
How Fast Can You Plant Corn Without a High-Speed Planter?2021Equipment – Planting SpeedCorn
Nitrogen Fixing Products in Corn, Soybeans and Wheat2021Biologicals – N FixationCorn, Soybeans, Wheat
Delta Yield Nitrogen2022Fertility – NCorn
BioLiNE Unleash Biological for Soybeans2022Biologicals – BioLiNE UnleashSoybeans
Early Soybeans2022Crop Management – Planting DateSoybeans
YEN for Corn and Soybeans2022Yield EnhancementCorn, Soybeans
Magnesium on Wheat2023Fertility – MgWheat

What’s The Big Deal with Soil and Crop Projects?

Soil and Crop Projects have always played a key role to produce and deliver information to Ontario crop producers, such as:

  • providing data to answer common agronomy questions where little data exists
  • test new products or practices
  • expand academic research to include on-farm data across the province

This data is used to:

  • be presented at local Soil and Crop meetings
  • produce agronomic extension articles and research summaries
  • update or develop new recommendations

What If I’m Not From a Thames Valley County?

No problem! Data from other counties is often combined for research projects. Larger datasets can provide more confidence in data. Results are also more applicable across Ontario when multiple County/Regional associations can collaborate on the same project.

What If I’m Not a Soil and Crop Member?

You should really consider participating in your local Soil and Crop association, but that’s not a requirement. We are more than happy to include data as long as protocol guidelines are followed.