OMAFRA Field Crop Report – June 25, 2020

Figure 1. Young true armyworm larvae in wheat head. Larvae are in a range of sizes in many fields. Photo credit: Samuel Adams, OMAFRA summer student.

Been Waiting for These Bean Insects

Hot Dry Weather Increasing Risk of Spider Mites, Thrips and Aphids

Find Soybean Aphids? Download the New Aphid Advisor V2.0 for Help with Spray Decisions

The Season is Not Over Yet for Late Season Pests Like Bean Leaf Beetle, Soybean Aphids and Others

Soybean aphids are here…but don’t panic

Checked Soybeans for Aphids Lately? You Should

Soybean Aphid Scouting Begins

Bugs That May Start Bugging Us this Week

Soybean Aphids Starting Up

Soybean Aphids Continue to Build in Some Fields – Scouting Should Begin

Soybean Aphids Barely Here but Watch Out for Spidermites

Soybean Aphids and Western Bean Cutworm Are Here

Until Mid R6, Soys Still Need Attention – Aphids, BLB and Stink Bugs

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