Going for the Set up! Situational with Sikkema

In Part 1, “Big Weeds = Big Deal!” we touched on the importance of early weed control to protect corn yield.  Today in Part II, “Going for the Set up”, we will explore a number of set up programs for use in a two-pass weed control program in RR corn and give you something to consider for the upcoming season.  Set up programs can accomplish more than protecting yield.  They can also be an effective tool in preventing or managing herbicide resistant weeds.









You can download and use the free pestmanager app to match the appropriate herbicide set up program with your specific weed spectrum and herbicide resistant weed concerns.

In Part III, we will be looking at the effect of late emerging weeds and weed escapes following a set up program. Please stay tuned for more from “Situational with Sikkema”.

Thanks to Grain Farmers of Ontario for their support of this research and our research program.  http://www.gfo.ca/

Post prepared for Peter Sikkema by Todd Cowan, CCA-ON, Huron Research Station/University of Guelph