Corn – 2,4-D or not 2,4-D? Situational with Sikkema

In, Dealing with Escapes – What will they cost you? , we discussed late emerging weeds and their effect on corn yield.  We also discussed some points to consider beyond the effect the weeds will have on yield and why you might consider a post application.  A post-emergence application can provide you with the opportunity to control heavy weed infestations and reduce weed seed return and an opportunity to control herbicide resistant weed escapes and perennial weed populations.  These benefits are great but do not come without some risk.  In this installment we will discuss how the improper choice of herbicide could cost you more than having some weed escapes in your corn.

2,4-D or not 2,4-D 1

2,4-D or not 2,4-D 2

2,4-d or not 2,4-d 3

2,4-D or not 2,4-D 4

2,4-D or not 2,4-D 5

2,4-D or not 2,4-D 6

2,4-D or not 2,4-D 7

2,4-D or not 2,4-D 8

2,4-D or not 2,4-D 9

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Thanks to Grain Farmers of Ontario for their support of this research and our research program.

Post prepared for Peter Sikkema by Todd Cowan, CCA-ON, Huron Research Station/University of Guelph