Ontario Cereal Crop Committee 2019 Update

Unfortunately, due to the wet fall and spring and impact of winter or spring kill across the province this year, the Ontario Cereal Crop Committee (OCCC) winter wheat performance trial data will not be available for the 2019 season, with the exception of Area V (Emo and New Liskeard).  As a result, the OCCC will not be publishing a 2019 Winter Cereals Performance Trial Report.  Area V data will be posted to GoCereals.ca as soon as it is available.  Growers are advised to use information in the 2018 Winter Cereals Performance Report when making variety selection decisions for planting in the fall of 2019. 

When considering decisions, it is best to use multi year data. Select varieties that perform well in your area across a number of sites and years. Many factors should be considered when choosing a variety, including: the farm location, winter survival, insect and disease resistance, lodging potential and yield. All performance data can be found at www.GoCereals.ca.