Strip Till and BioStrip Till Production System Resources As Discussed at COFS Demo 2022


New OMAFRA Strip Till Fact Sheets BMP Resources on Strip Till Food and Farm Care Strip Till Video Series Field Crop News (FCN) Articles on Bio Strip Tillage Systems […]

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2022 Ontario BioStrip Till, Strip Till, Green Planting and Notill Tailgate Tour – 2nd Visit September 6-9th

Join us for the 2nd visit to participating farms excited to show you their journeys in BioStrip Till, Strip Till, Green Planting and No Till Cropping systems across the province September 6-9th, 2022. Please read the entire post for more details. […]

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Biostrip Till Production Systems – Letting Plants Do The Tillage!

By Ian McDonald, OMAFRA with valued contribution from Lawrence Hogan and Steve Howard with thanks. These two brothers have set a lofty goal for their farm west of Lucknow. Maximize their soils health and protection which in turn will optimize the farm economics and reduce its environmental footprint. To achieve their goal they have set […]

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Crop Report – Week of August 23rd, 2023

Over Wintering BioStrip Field providing soil protection

What to do with those stubble fields now? Consider BioStrip Till! Winter wheat combining has almost wrapped up across the province after a challenging harvest due to persistent rainfall. There is a lot of enthusiasm for wheat across Ontario as yields were good to excellent and quality was good. Now, what to do with the […]

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Exeter + Mt Forest Ag Breakfast Meeting Minutes – April 12, 2022

The first Exeter-Mt Forest breakfast meeting occurred on April 12 at 8:00am and will continue on Zoom every other week through to June 21st. Conditions remain cool and seeding is not yet underway. However, some soil temperatures of 7-10C have been observed. There may be some tillage happening on light soils but for the most […]

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Cobourg-Winchester Breakfast Meeting Minutes – May 12, 2021

Overall Conditions A quiet breakfast meeting usually means fields are busy, and indeed that was the case this week. There have been showers across region over the past couple of weeks, but very scattered. This has slowed down planting progress where rains have been heavier. On average, moisture levels have been good but temperatures remain […]

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