Organic no-till soybean production: is it possible in Ontario? (updated with 2020 data)

strong soybean stand with rye mulch below

In this article, we will take a look at using a roller crimper for organic no-till soybean production and the results of on-farm trials in Ontario. Why organic no-till? Organic soybean production relies on a significant amount of tillage. When done well, yields can rival conventional production. There are drawbacks, however, including a high labour […]

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Agronomy Guide For Field Crops – Corn – No Till and Other Considerations

No-Till Systems In no-till systems, tillage is not used to prepare a seedbed. Minimal soil loosening in a narrow band immediately ahead of the seed opener is performed by planter-mounted coulters and/or residue clearing devices. Successful no-till corn production is partially dependent on effective use of field management strategies which may include alternative production practices […]

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