Agronomy Guide For Field Crops – Corn – Emergence and Spacing Uniformity, Replant Decisions


Uniformity of Emergence Uniform seeding depth is a critical factor in achieving uniform emergence. Uneven emergence affects crop performance, because competition from larger, early-emerging plants reduces the yield potential of smaller, later-emerging plants. Yields can be reduced by 5% when half the stand suffers from a 7-day delay in emergence and by 12% when half […]

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Ontario Corn Replant Decision Aid

If you are unhappy with your stand of corn and think you may wish to replant, download the Ontario Corn Replant Calculator to assist you in this important decision. Many thanks to Dr. Dave Hooker and Ken Janovicek (Plant Agriculture Department, University of Guelph) for their efforts in putting this tool together. DOWNLOAD: THE ONTARIO […]

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