July 2018 Forage Report

percent of average rainfall Ontario July 2018

Map shows the percent of average rainfall received across Ontario in July, 2018 Lab analyses indicate that quality decline for first cut was very fast, and test results range from low to very high quality. Producers cutting based on calendar date rather than crop stage may have lower quality forages than expected. Pasture regrowth has […]

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Ontario Field Crop Report, June 21, 2018: Sulphur response in Ontario’s field crops

sulphur; deficiency; wheat; sandy loam

Sulphur (S) had been a neglected nutrient in Ontario for many years. For decades, in much of Ontario, sulphur came in significant quantities from the sky – deposited from emissions from industrial activity. Even before that, impurities in fertilizers and more widespread application of manure helped ensure a regular addition of sulphur to our soils. […]

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Nitrogen Status in 2018 Corn Fields

Co-authored with Ian McDonald Background OMAFRA Field Crop Unit staff have traditionally conducted an annual Pre Sidedress Nitrogen Test (PSNT) survey across Ontario at the beginning of June to measure background soil nitrate levels mineralized from the soil as an indication of year-to-year soil nitrogen status. In past years, 80-100 samples would be collected from […]

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May 2018 Forage Report

precipitation map May 2018

Southwestern: Most alfalfa stands overwintered well; however those on heavy soils and in low-lying areas may have suffered winter injury. New seedings and annual forage acres are expected to increase this year in response to weather conditions over 2016 and 2017. As of May 27th, alfalfa weevils had reached 1st instar. Scouting is advised to identify […]

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