Precision Ag Advancement for Ontario

image of the interactive story map showcasing the results of the precision agriculture advancement for Ontario project

NEW TOOL FOR UNDERSTANDING RESEARCH RESULTS FROM THE 2016 and 2017 growing seasons in the Precision Agriculture Advancement for Ontario project can now be found through an interactive story map available online at The story map can show multiple layers of data for each field, including elevation, soil conductivity, yield, target N rate, soil […]

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2019 Summer Jobs – Student Field Crop Assistant – Corn Agronomy and Nutrient Management

Job Term:                              Temporary for 16 weeks, beginning spring 2019 Salary:                                    $14.85 / hour, based on a 36.25 hour work week Job Ad Closing Date:         Friday, March 29, 2019 Available Positions/Locations: Position Focus Location Contact Person Corn Agronomy and Nutrient Management Guelph Ben Rosser and  Christine Brown   Are you serious about making […]

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Installing a Continuous Rinse System

Author: Jason Deveau, Application Technology Specialist (OMAFRA)   Cleaning, flushing, triple-rinsing… whatever you call it, sprayer sanitation is a time-consuming and distasteful task. Methods vary, but they generally span from the classic triple rinse (30-45 minutes) to a full tear-down and decontamination (many hours and likely an overnight soak). The operator decides how much time […]

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Did you hear? We’ve made some great improvements to the Agricultural Information Atlas!

Picture showing where to find the Farm Fire Safety Sketch Template and other new tools

We’re excited to let you know about the latest updates that we made to the Agricultural Information Atlas (AIA). What is the AIA? It’s OMAFRA’s free, easy-to-use online tool that can help you to: Develop nutrient management strategies and plans Plan tile drainage for your farm Develop a farm sketch for Pest Assessment Reports and Bee […]

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