Exeter Agribusiness Breakfast Meeting Minutes –August 13, 2019

Exeter Agribusiness Breakfast Meeting Minutes – June 25, 2019

Heartland and Eastern Valley Soil and Crop Tier Two Project, 2018-2020: Pushing the Management of Cover Crop Rye

Exeter Agribusiness Breakfast Meeting Minutes – May 14, 2019

To plant green or to plant brown? Rye cover crop termination timing before soybeans

cereal rye,cover crop

How to dry soybeans in a bin

Figure 2: Estimated time for natural air drying of soybeans, with and without additional heat added. EMC values indicate the final grain moisture after drying. Temperature and Relative Humidity (RH) are based on 30-year average data from London, Ontario.

Ridgetown Ag Breakfast Meeting Minutes – April 10, 2018

Mt Forest Ag Breakfast Meeting Minutes – June 14, 2016

June 8-14, 2016 Weather Data

Winchester AgBreakfast Meeting Notes – May 10, 2016

Herbicide Injury Scenarios in Soybean – 2015 Ridgetown Diagnostic Days

Precision Ag Advancement in Ontario – Grain Farmers Ontario – Spring Update

Winchester AgBreakfast Minutes May 12, 2015

Winchester Ag Breakfast Meeting, May 14th, 2013

Soybeans as a Forage Crop

Managing Soybean Cyst Nematode for 2013

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