Crop Report – April 13, 2022

Wheat Emergence

Cereals Coming out of a wet fall, winter wheat conditions are variable across the province. Bare spots from standing water and poor drainage have been reported in some areas, especially on heavy clay soils. In many cases it may be too early to decide on whether to keep a “spotty” field. Higher wheat prices are […]

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Preparing for Seeding of Winter Canola

Winter canola acres in Ontario have been increasing since 2018. While research on the crop has been limited, some recommendations are outlined below based on experience with the crop in recent years and experience with spring canola in Ontario. Field Selection Fields should have good drainage and low clay content. Seeds may fail to emerge […]

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Can double cropping winter canola and soybean kill two birds with one stone?

This article was written by Dr. Eric Page, Research Scientist in Weed Ecology, and Sydney Meloche, Weed Science Technician, AAFC Harrow Research and Development Center Soybean production in southwestern Ontario is increasingly challenging because of the presence of multiple glyphosate resistant weed species. Essex, Kent and Lambton counties have the unfortunate distinction of being home […]

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